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10 times more powerful against mycoplasma

Tylvax, a superior molecule

Tylvalosin is a macrolide antibiotic of rapid absorption and excellent bioavailability, reaching high blood and tissue concentrations.

It has powerful mycoplasmicide effect, since its minimum inhibitory concentration is ten times lower against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae compared with tylosin.

Tylvax is the antibiotic of choice for the treatment and prevention of mycoplasmosis, as well as in the control of respiratory and enteric diseases in both poultry and swine.

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Powerful mycoplasmicide effect

Its powerful effect achieves bactericidal action at a minimum concentration and in a shorter period of time Tylvax has a powerful mycoplasmicide effect: ten times higher than tylosin.

Sensitivity test of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae




Yamamato MIC 90 ug/ml

< 0.013


Inamoto MIC 90 ug/ml

< 0.0125


No period of withdrawal in laying hens

Recently the European Medicines Agency (EMA) established new maximum residue limits for Tilvalosina allowed in hens' eggs for human consumption, concluding that "no withdrawal period in production" should be applied.

Fast and effective response

Tylvalosin has shown to have a very fast absorption. In just 30 to 60 minutes (chickens and pigs respectively) it reaches therapeutic plasmatic levels. In comparison, tylosin requires twice as long to achieve lower levels.

Selective action on target tissues

Tylvax is highly effective against respiratory and enteric pathogens, accumulating in the tissues in a selective way, reaching pulmonary and mucosal lining concentrations higher than plasmatic concentration. Also, by concentrating in bile, it guarantees its presence in the digestive tract against enteric pathogens.

Its action is effective in more than one location

Tylvalosin present in Tylvax binds to bacterial ribosome, preventing the development of protein synthesis, thereby causing inhibition of bacterial growth or death. In addition, the main metabolite binds to another receptor of the bacterial ribosome, ensuring powerful action.

It improves conversion rates

Ideal growth promoter, improves conversion rates and production efficiency.

Antibiotic effect at intra and extra cellular levels

Tylvalosin rapidly reaches high intracellular concentrations. Similarly, if the concentration in the extracellular environment is lower than in the intracellular space, the drug is released from inside of the cell, enhancing the antibacterial action both intracellular and extracellularly.

Improves non-specific immunity

Tylvax can increase the activity of macrophages, helping the non-specific immune system to remove pathogen agents. Tylvalosin makes macrophages more active and stimulates the differentiation of monocytes to macrophages.

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